Reliable Wireless Internet Available for the Huron County, OH, Area

NCOOL Internet Details

There is a monthly fee plus a one-time installation cost. There is no contract. Unlimited usage. You may drop the service at any time.

Your NCOOL wireless service includes live support in person, remote session, over the phone, or email.

Your wireless signal must be in a direct line-of-sight or reasonable proximity with a high-elevation wireless transmitter. Once wireless coverage is assured, your wireless subscription and installation are quick and easy. There is no cost to identify your line-of-site availability. So why not give it a shot? Check your coverage here! It only takes a minute.

The wireless Internet you need, and the experts to support it are just around your corner in Willard. Lets get you hooked up…

Contact us direct or visit our store to check wireless coverage, questions, or support for your home or business.


Internet PackagesDetailsMonthly PriceInstallation
Residential Standard3-5Mbps Download and 1-2Mbps Upload$50.00$150.00
Residential Turbo5-7Mbps Download and 2-3Mbps Upload$75.00$150.00
Residential Ultra8-10Mbps Download and 2-3Mbps Upload$100.00$150.00
Business packages available upon request.


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